Area calculation of an irregulary shaped plot

Very often we are foxed when we have to calculate the area of an irregularly shaped plot of land. For example if we have to measure the area of a plot ABCDEF shown in Fig.1 then we must first divide the plot into a number of triangles (in this case 4) as shown in Fig.2. Measure the length of the three sides of each triangle. Of course, there may be one side common between two adjacent triangles and therefore it has to be measured only once and applied to both triangles.

Now the area of any triangle is given by the formula:

A = {s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)}½
Where  s = a + b + c
Where a, b and c = sides of the triangle

By repeating the area calculation for each triangle we can find the area of all the triangles. The sum of the areas of all the triangles would then be the area of the plot.

Making these calculations manually can be quite tedious. Here is a computer program to calculate the area of a plot that has been divided into any number of triangles. All you have to do is enter the number of triangles and enter the length of the sides of each triangle. When the data for all the triangles has been entered you will be given the total area of the plot. For US$ 5 you can download a zip file named that contains the area calculation program by clicking the BUY button below.

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Once this zip file is downloaded you can unzip it with Winzip and save the extracted files in a separate folder. To run the area calculation program double click the plotarea.exe file. Enter the required data. The final result will show the total area in decimals. (One hundred decimals is equal to one acre.) That's it!